Friday, May 21, 2010

Analysis and Analysts

Was away at my company's corporate event in the beginnng of this week. It is definitley one aspect of my work which I like a lot because it gives me an opportunity to meet with people who actually work with what I work on. I talked to couple of analysts as well and this got me wondering as always. Analysing and predicting something based on analysis is definitely a huge value add for any industry. But today in all areas of life what you hear is mainly post analysis and extensive reports based on post analysis. The world financial crisis, the EU crisis, corporate mergers and acquisitions etc etc. are always analysed post happening and dissected and views and ideas are shared on why certain events happened and not why certain events will happen. CNBC as a television channel with a bunch of extremely smart analysts and newscast thrives on postmortem analysis of all the reasons why we are in the financial crisis that we are in today. Wish moving forward we could preemt more of these. Could apply this thinking to all aspects of life as well actually...hmmm...

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