Thursday, October 15, 2015

Speaking at the Grace Hopper Conference 2015 in Houston

This time the Grace Hopper conference in Houston had more than 12,000 women participating. The George R Brown convention center seemed to be at times filled to its brim with women technologists from all over the world. A great experience just like last year in so many ways.

I spoke about security in the cloud especially when it comes to the topic of integration. I mainly focussed on how you secure information, secure interaction and secure identities in the cloud. It was good to have my session followed up by Katharine Krieger an analyst from Goldman Sachs talk about how Goldman’s journey to the cloud and their strategy when it comes to developing and deploying applications that operate in the cloud. A lot of aspects from my talk covered in real usage at Goldman.

Brian Chess SVP of Infrastructure and Security of NetSuite took an inside out view of cloud security and how the risks around cloud security can be compared to other aspects of business. Brian was the only male speaker in the cloud security track. I told him that this is usually the other way around in other conferences :-)

Yasmine Kandissounon from Rackspace concluded by talking about the impact of Distributed Denial of Service and its impact on performance in Cloud Environments.

It was overwhelming to see the number of mails that were sent asking in depth questions and also some of the bloggers already writing about their key takeaways from the session. Valerie who has more than 10 years of experience on cloud security shared her experiences here

I was so thankful to Miruna Stratan from Goldman who took some cool pictures of the session and also the audience.

On a side note I was thrilled to see a replica of  the colorful mural 'Houston is inspired' from acclaimed graffiti artist GONZO247. I had to take a picture and I am definitely going to look out for the original on Market Square Park.

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