Thursday, March 19, 2015

10 random thoughts on my mind today

1) Wish I did not have that damn paper submission deadline for the October conference coming up tomorrow – another night out!

2) What is the right answer to my daughter’s question from today morning – Mama why is skirt spelled with ‘sk’ and scarf with ‘sc’….arrrrgh

3) When will some people realise that the real competition is not within the organization but actually outside the organization!

4) Why do some people have to reject their performance review document because of a minor grammatical correction in my feedback statements

5) How do the mothers dropping off their kids in the morning at school look so prim, proper and put together every day…every single day!!!

6) Why did I not buy those glasses which would have actually helped the kids actually see the solar eclipse tomorrow in Germany

7) Why did I wake up in the morning with the bizzare idea to add rosemary sprigs into my smoothie – it tasted pretty good  though

8) How come some of the Apple watch models cost so much more in Europe than in the United States

9)Would we able to compensate for the lack of direct interaction with participants with the excellent content on the upcoming MOOC we are planning

10) Was I getting too aggressive on Wednesday morning  at work when I asked him to challenge the status quo? The optimist in me thinks he did not understand what I meant :-)