Sunday, June 19, 2011

Beautiful Bergamo!!

A visit to Bergamo a city in Nothern Italy transforms you into a completely different world. The city has an old part called 'Ciity alta' or upper city which can only be reached by taking the funicular all the way up from the newer part of the city. Once you are there you feel like you are in a totally different world, a hilltop medevial town filled with cobbled stones, churches, squares and bars and classy cafe terraces.

The whole place gives you the feeling of having travelled back in time.  I learnt that some of the most expensives homes in Italy are in the old part of town in Bergamo as space is extremely limited here. Some parts of Bergamo reminded me of walking through the streets of Cochem a town in Germany along the Mosel valley. I really enjoyed the time we spent in the Piazza Vecchia the old square that dates back to 1453 in the heart of the old town.

The girls had so much fun playing at the fountain in the center of the square. Make sure that you sample some of the most amazing gelatos in the world as you take time to explore the town.

So next time you are in the area of Lombardy in Italy make sure you have a day chalked out for a visit to beautiful Bergamo.

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