Monday, May 23, 2011

Gender equality anybody?

Finally, finally it seems to be happening. So many discussions around gender equality and plans to mentor women to take on leadership and management positions. Many times in this part of the world for a women to take on a leading position is definitely an uphill battle. Finally there seems to be some form of official acknowledgement of the fact that something needs to be done!!! I am quite ecstatic about the fact that there will indeed be a defined quota for women to take on leading positions. I remember the times when I used to be completely averse to any such kind of quotas but in the last 12 years of understanding the system and how it works this move is definitely welcome. Don't want to make things more complicated thinking about how many changes need to happen for the entire eco-system surrounding you to also evolve to support the needs of working mothers. First things first, after all don't they say that little drops of water make a mighty ocean :-)

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