Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Vishu and shopping hours

I remember last Wednesday evening (14 Apr) so well. A long day at work followed by a high decibel evening with the girls, late evening work calls after the girls were in bed and a presentation for the next work day to be completed. In between all this I realised that before going to bed I needed to arrange our Vishu kani for next morning. A quick mental check and I realised that I had forgotten to pluck some bunches of the lovely Forsythia bushes which grow all over the place at this time of the year. Thank God for the new opening hours(07-24 hrs) of our friendly neighbourhood supermarket Rewe I got some lovely bunches of yellow roses which looked so good.
Plus I enjoyed the quiet of the close to midnight shopping, all the shopping aisles were on display only for me. It was so nice to wake up hubby and girls next morning to the beautiful display in promise for good luck hopefully for the rest of the New Year.

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